Sunday, November 15, 2015

Best Nirvana Songs Poll

Haven't participated in one of these lately.  But here's one that caught my eye.  Rank your Top 20 Nirvana songs.  This is heavy on Nevermind, because that album is pretty perfect.

1.  Smells Like Teen Spirit
2.  All Apologies
3.  Heart-Shaped Box
4.  Come As You Are
5.  Where Did You Sleep Last Night  (live MTV Unplugged)
6.  About A Girl
7.  Sliver
8.  In Bloom
9.  Pennyroyal Tea
10.  Lithium
11. Been A Son
12. Man Who Sold The World  (live MTV Unplugged)
13. Polly
14. Love Buzz
15. Drain You
16. Negative Creep
17. Lake of Fire  (live MTV Unplugged)
18. Rape Me
19. Dumb
20. On A Plain


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