Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Last Time In The Top 40 Playlist

One thing I found is that the last Top 40 hit was usually a minor entry in a major artists catalog.  Spotify didn't have Elvis Presley's final entry, 1980's "Guitar Man" (#28), which put new instruments around his vocals from that 1968 song.  But I had to have an Elvis song here, so I'm putting the posthumous 1977 live "My Way" on here.  Hey, at least its genuine, not an imagined version.  And as of this blog post, they didn't have Paul McCartney's last Top 40, 1989's "My Brave Face"  (#25). Nor Ray Charles'.  In other words, if someone is missing, it's because they aren't on Spotify.

Getting back to my original point.  Many heritage acts' last Top 40 songs aren't fondly remembered, even by their die-hard fans.  The good news is once those acts realized that Hits radio would no longer play their singles, they went on to make good, solid music.  Most end up at other formats:  Americana, Adult Contemporary, Adult R&B.  Formats that skewer older.

So, take a look at the final Top 40 hits by major hitmakers.  I looked for artists that were consistently on the charts, and had many chart entries.  Also, I'm avoiding any gimmicky type of songs "Unforgettable" from Natalie/Nat King Cole is a great example.  And re-releases.  Unless the song was a flop the first time out.   Let me know if I missed anyone.

Last Time In Top 40 Playlist

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also:  major thanks to Joel Whitburn's Top Pop Singles 1955-2012, and indispensable compilation of every Billboard Hot 100 song. 
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