Tuesday, January 19, 2016

RIP Glenn Frey (Top 20 Glenn Frey Songs)

If you're an Eagles hater, than this post is not for you.  The Eagles were one of the biggest, if not the most popular American band of the 70's.  But they were never critical favorites.  Both Don Henley and Glenn Frey have been taken apart by critics over the decades.  But their music has endured with fans since their beginnings in the early 70's.
All the critical hate never reached me.  I always loved them.  And really could care less that were perceived as "arrogant", "smug", "egotistical", Rock Stars.  I just loved the music.

Glenn Frey sang on and co-wrote many of the Eagles' best known songs.  After the group broke up, he had more solo hits.  Admittedly, his solo career wasn't as fruitful as Don Henley's, but I've grown to like many of them.

Have to admit this about his solo stuff.  I saw the Eagles in Salinas, California,  the summer of 2005. When it came time to play Frey's solo hits ("Heat Is On", "Smuggler's Blues", don't think he did "You Belong To The City"), some in the crowd headed to the restrooms or to the beer line.  Anyway, I mention this because it will be interesting to see if his post-Eagles years get any kind of reassessment.

Below are my Top 20 Eagles/solo songs that Frey either sang lead on, or with Henley.  Feel free to email any suggestions.

1.  Take It Easy
2.  Heartache Tonight
3.  New Kid In Town
4.  Already Gone
5.  Tequila Sunrise
6.  Peaceful, Easy Feeling
7.  Lyin' Eyes
8   After The Thrill Is Gone
9   The One You Love (solo)
10.  James Dean
11. Heat Is On  (solo)
12. You Belong To The City  (solo)
13. Doolin-Dalton
14. Part Of Me, Part Of You   (solo)
15. Smuggler's Blues  (solo)
16. True Love  (solo)
17. I Found Somebody  (solo)
18. Sexy Girl  (solo)
19.  How Long
20.  Ol' 55

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