Sunday, June 26, 2016

Music Years of My LIfe: 1970

The first song that stayed with me for a long period of time was Anne Murray's "Snowbird" from 1970.  What does that sentence mean?  Let me get back to that.  "Eight Days A Week", "Daydream Believer", "These Eyes", "Good Morning Starshine", "In The Year 2525", are some of the first records I remember hearing.  They came from my sister's stereo, radio or my parents' car.   But the first song that actually stayed in my brain all throughout the day was "Snowbird".  Released in the summer of 1970, the song was in the Top 10 by the time I started first grade.  It became a morning staple on the ride to school.  I can remember spending school days with that song lodged in my brain.  It didn't help that it might come on again in the ride home from school.

These were the setup pieces for my future musical infatuations.  Who knew that at the age of 6 a song as harmless as "Snowbird" could do that to me?  I must say that Anne Murray had another hit in 1974, a Beatles cover called "You Won't See Me", that I also kept coming back to years later (and still do).  So, I'm a fan.  And it all started harmlessly during the early days of school life back in 1970.

But the song that makes my all-time personal Top 10 was "My Baby Loves Lovin'" a Top 10 in the early months of 1970 by White Plains, a studio group fronted by Tony Burrows.  Burrows' voice would grace other studio-only groups:  "Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)", "Gimme Dat Ding", "United We Stand", "Beach Baby".   All of the above, save for the latter were Top 10 hits in 1970.   I can't tell you how much joy "My Baby Loves Lovin'" gives me every time it pops up on Sirius' 70's channel.  Bubblegum Pop at its sticky best.

Teen Idols began to make a comeback in the early 70's.  The debut of the Partridge Family on TV had me hooked.  And "I Think I Love You" could be heard blaring from my sister's room on a daily basis.  That theme song has been in my head for decades.

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