Sunday, June 05, 2016

Music Years Of My Life: 1975

You could call this as 1/2 of 1975.  In the Summer of '75, we moved back to the U.S. after living in Germany the previous four years.  Military life can be a burden.  There is lots of moving.  Fortunately by '75 my Dad had the over 25 years of Army service that we didn't bounce around much.  Only once when we were in Germany did we move.
For most of 1975 my music life was like the previous years.  Armed Forces radio was the place.  But the first thing I did when we moved to California was check out all the radio and TV choices.  Hey, there's American Bandstand and Soul Train.  And lots of AM radio choices.  We moved in June, so some songs that were hits earlier in the year were still getting airplay by then:  "Wildfire", "Chevy Van", "Sad Sweet Dreamer", "Fire", "It's A Miracle", "Sad Sweet Dreamer", "Poetry Man", Minnie Riperton's "Lovin' You" and Gloria Gaynor's "Never Can Say Goodbye" are just some that stuck out from those first six months.

You know how they say certain songs can remind someone of what they were doing at that time?    The records I recall hearing when we got to the States that in June '75 are still vivid in my memories: "Philadelphia Freedom", 10CC's "I'm Not In Love", "The Hustle" and "Love Will Keep Us Together".  Elton John was King of the Pop world, and that song was just winding down its chart run,  while the latter was racing to #1.
Also:  Pilot's "Magic", "Get Down Tonight", "Listen to What The Man Said", "Jive Talkin'", Ace's "How Long", "One Of These Nights", "Rhinestone Cowboy", "Walking In Rhythm", "Please Mr. Please", "Bad Luck", "Rockford Files", "Black Superman", "Midnight Blue", "Jackie Blue",  "Why Can't We Be Friends", etc. etc. And who can forget a novelty like "Mr. Jaws".  Jaws was the film of the year (and Summer) and was an originator for all the big blockbusters to come (e.g. Star Wars).

Things tapered off in the Fall as school and sports took hold.  But there was still "Evil Woman", "Bad Blood", "Miracles", "That's The Way I Like It", "They Just Can't Stop It (Games People Play)", "It Only Takes A Minute", etc. etc.

I also wasn't much of a Billboard chart watcher at this point.  That would happen in '76, but my local AM radio Top 40's would put out a weekly chart listing, so I always had an idea of what the big hits were.

Writing about 1975 makes me see how much of a pivotal role it played not only in my musical life but in my own personal life.  We still live in the same area 40 years later, and I still love those songs from that era.
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