Thursday, October 06, 2016

Top 20 George Michael/Wham Songs: Poll

Latest Poll I voted in:  Top 20 George Michael/Wham songs.
Remember George Michael?  He was a big Global superstar in the 80's/90's.
His star in the U.S. began to fade as the 90's ended  (tabloid fodder and record company woes). But he remained big overseas.
So, this poll comes at a good time.  A moment to reevaluate his past catalog.
There are no songs after 1996 on my list, even though I could have listed a couple.  And besides, Michael hasn't released much new material in the last 20 years.

As with many of my lists, this could have been expanded, even though Michael's discography isn't that large.

1.  Father Figure
2.  Careless Whisper
3.  Everything She Wants
4.  I'm Your Man
5.  Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
6.  Freedom '90
7.  Faith
8.  I Knew You Were Waiting (w/Aretha Franklin)
9.  Freedom
10. One More Try
11. Fastlove
12. Battlestations
13. Edge of Heaven
14. Different Corner
15. Waiting For That Day
16. I Want Your Sex
17. Heal The Pain
18. Young Guns
19. Too Funky
20. Last Christmas
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