Monday, May 22, 2017

RIP Jimmy LaFave

Jimmy LaFave, the Texas singer-songwriter who died of cancer today is definitely one of those "ripe for rediscovery" musicians that I love to champion.  But I've been aware of his music since his first album in 1992.  He is a mainstay on the great Americana radio station, KPIG (based in Freedom, California).  It was there that I've heard LaFave's music grow from album to album.  LaFave is also one of those regional acts that never quite broke nationally.  If you follow the Americana genre, then you know him.  If not, chances are you missed him.  What drew me to him was his soulful voice.   There is a world-weary ruggedness to it.  You'll be drawn in to his stories.

The deaths of musicians often brings new light to someone who never quite go their due.  LaFave was one of them.  Now we all have a chance to get to know him.

All of LaFave's albums are worth checking out.  I happen to love 1995's Buffalo Returns To The Plains and 2007's Cimarron Manifesto.  He is also due for an updated Anthology.  If you can get your hands on 2010's out-of-print Favorites 1992-2001, scoop it up as it's his only compilation.


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