Sunday, September 03, 2017

R.I.P. Walter Becker

Steely Dan's discography is not that large.  Nine albums total.  But seven of those came from 1972-80.  To my ears those seven are all great.  The last one, Gaucho, initially got the most tepid reviews, but has proved to be a durable release.

The songs of Walter Becker and Donald Fagen often get characterized as "wry", "sardonic", "sarcastic" and even "thinking man's Rock".  But there was also many heartfelt moments on those albums. They sure covered a lot of ground during their classic period.  Rock, Jazz, R&B.  It's a hell of a catalog.  Too good for the laggard's at the Songwriters Hall of Fame, who have bypassed them a few time.  Interesting fact:  it took them 3 tries to get into the Rock Hall (inducted 2001).

Walter Becker's solo releases are pretty scant.  Only two, and the last one in 2008.  Both of those follow along the lines of Aja and Gaucho.  Jazzier and less Rock than their early 70's releases.  I wouldn't call Becker's 2 albums essential, but they are good enough if you're a Steely Dan fan.

Below are 20 of my favorite Steely Dan songs plus 3 from Walter Becker:

1.  Rikki Don't Lose That Number
2.  Reelin' In The Years
3.  Hey Nineteen
4.  Do It Again
5.  Any Major Dude Will Tell You
6.  Peg
7.  Pretzel Logic
8.  Dirty Work
9.  Deacon Blues
10. Kid Charlemagne
11. Black Cow
12. FM
13. Any World
14. Doctor Wu
15. Babylon Sisters
16. Black Friday
17. Josie
18.  King Of The World
19.  Fez
20.  Cousin Dupree

Walter Becker solo:
1.  Junkie Girl
2.  Down In The Bottom
3.  Circus Money
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