Friday, June 29, 2018

Songs Still Missing From Spotify (For "Tracks Of My Life" Playlist)

Since I posted this in March 2017, I've slowly been able to delete some titles.  But the rest of the songs listed below are still missing on digital streaming sites. Okay, you can find them on YouTube, but in my world of Playlists, Spotify, more than any other, is king.

If they ever show up, they'll appear on my Spotify Tracks Of My Life playlist, which contains songs, some popular, others more obscure, that have meant something to me at one point or another in my life.  My playlist has to contain the original recordings.  No remakes.

This list will continue to be updated as I find more missing songs:

Bob James -  Angela (Theme From Taxi)  (Album cut, 1978)
Carl Perkins - Birth Of Rock and Roll  (#31 Country, 1986)
Eddie Rabbitt - Repetitive Regret  (#4 Country, 1986)
Joe Sun - Old Flames Can't Hold A Candle To You  (#14 Country, 1978)
John Valenti - Anything You Want  (#37, 1976)
Michael McDonald - Sweet Freedom  (#7, 1986)
Pake McEntire - Savin' My Love For You  (#3 Country, 1986)
Sweet Sensation - Sad Sweet Dreamer  (#14, 1975)
Player - Baby Come Back (#1, 1977)
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