Sunday, November 27, 2005

Best Book On Country Music-Is 21 Years Old

The best reference book written about Country Music was released in 1984 and never updated. The Best of Country Music by John Morthland was divided into chapters on Honky Tonk, Contemporary Country, Bluegrass, Early String Bands etc. It looked closely at Morthland's picks for the 100 best Country records, and then had brief capusle reviews of an artists other records. It was and still is indispensible. Even though Morthland has said he'll never update it. Which is too bad. Because of all the Country books I've come across none can beat it. Morthland still writes. For a long time I'd see he column in Texas Monthly, and he pops up in various other magazines. He also contributes to this site eMusic Magazine. But he's not the editor of the Country section, he covers Blues. Oh, well worth checking out. Morthland is an overlooked critic who should be mentioned with any of the top Music critics writing today.
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