Saturday, November 26, 2005

Yes, That Roy Thomas Baker

The best thing about The Darkness' One Way Ticket isn't that it's a good album or that it beats their debut. No it's the album's Producer-Roy Thomas Baker. To most of the Darkness' fans that name may mean nothing. But it's time for them to Google it. Because when I saw Baker's name, I had flashbacks of the late 70's. Baker made a name for himself Producing Queen, The Cars, Cheap Trick and Journey's biggest 70's albums. But he disappeared after the 90's. And he's found the perfect comeback vehicle with the Darkness. Let's face it, while some hear the return of Hair Metal, I hear the return of late 70's Classic Rock. What Baker has done here is impressive. Keeping a band that has a reputation for excess down to a 35 minute CD is amazing. It's the best Classic Rock album of the year.
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