Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Barry Back To Torture Rock Critics

It's Valentine's Day and my latest Billboard arrives. Who's got the #1 album? Yeah, Barry Manilow. Moving a 150,000 units of old 50's love songs isn't bad. Pulling a Rod Stewart, with the same help from Clive Davis, Manilow next will tackle the 60's. I've always liked Manilow. Love songs, and some of his, have never hurt my ear. A good one is a good one. Rockers from Elvis to the Stones to Led Zeppelin have done them, even though they get a bad rep in the "Rock and Roll" community. I don't know how many interviews I've read where someone says how much they hate love songs. But I bet when their home alone or in their car they're singing along to "Unchained Melody". Maybe even an old song by Barry Manilow.
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