Saturday, February 04, 2006

Warren Zevon The Love Man

Every January, labels drop more of those Love Songs collections just in time for Valentine's Day. You know the usual suspects will be out there: Mathis, Miles, Zevon. Wait how'd he get in there. But it's no joke. Or maybe it's one of Zevon's on us. A Love Songs collection by Mr. Doom & Gloom. But any Zevon fan knows that his albums always had some relationship songs. As the liner notes say, his weren't sappy ones, but like the best ones by Springsteen, they were pretty anyway. Reconsider Me: The Love Songs is top heavy with songs by the label reissuing it, Artemis. I miss his early cover of "A Certain Girl", and yes I miss the sometimes hated "Hasten Down The Wind". But go ahead, surprise your honey this Valentine's with something different. Zevon would've loved the whole spectacle.
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