Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Cool Cat

There are 2 types of Steely Dan fans: the pre Aja and the post Aja. Look if you don't like their Jazz years that started with that album, then you won't like Donald Fagen's solo work. It's just an extension. His 3rd solo, Morph The Cat, doesn't Rock, but it grooves. Better than 1993's Kamakiriad, and as much as 1982's The Nightfly. Lyrically, which has now provide Fagen's best moments, he's as good as ever: meeting Ray Charles, Behind The Music Rock Band, Death and cleverly worded anti-Republican rant. Pre-Aja fans who think he'll ever write Rock songs again, can skip this. The rest of us, who've stuck with him from the beginning, will continue to enjoy the groove.
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