Thursday, March 16, 2006

Not The Nashville Paula Abdul

A veteran of many Music and Movie Biz titles, Anastasia Brown is the only reason to watch Nashville Star. She's a judge on the show. Her put-downs and advice are a welcome relief on a show that is mostly a love fest for the 12 singers. And she's no Paula Abdul. The show has a lousy track record of talent. Season one's Miranda Lambert is the only one to do great things. And she didn't even win. Last year, sandwiched between suck-up Phil Vasser and the equally horrible Bret Michaels, Brown was the only judge setting the acts' straight. On the first episode this year, she got help from Rich of Big & Rich who was a guest judge. Too bad, they should keep him. He was tough. Did I mention Phil Vasser's a judge? Like Michaels, his job is to say stuff like, "Dude, you rock!", or "Dude that was awesome!" Anyway, pray for Brown to keep it up this season. Nashville Star isn't must viewing. I didn't see any one from the 12 that will top the Country charts. But Brown is worth checking on.
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