Saturday, March 25, 2006

One Big Buckaroo

It wasn't until Hee Haw went off the air and out of public conscience that Buck Owens began to get the recognition he was due. You can thank Dwight Yoakam and Marty Stuart, to name two who took Owens' sound, and brought an updated version to the top of the Country charts. But it was no coincidence that Owens made Bakersfield his home. He always had a love-hate relationship with Music City. No he was no Outlaw like the Nashville-bashing Waylon Jennings, but his do it his way easily rubbed the tight Executive shirts the wrong way. Not until 1996 did Owens finally get in the Country Hall. Like Webb Pierce, he was kept out because of Nashville's biased music politics. His was an original sound. From the Beatles to early Haggard to Garth Brooks, the Buckaroo sound made its imprint. And Owens' big smile now shines bright.
Rhino has a great Owens box set, and 2 compilations. But surprisingly the only good 1 CD comp is from Time -Life. Either way you can't go wrong with his peak 60's stuff.
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