Wednesday, August 02, 2006

MTV When It Was MTV

You know how some music critic's rag on MTV for giving us video stars when we want music stars. Well, I was never one of them. The early MTV was fun stuff. A premiere video was a major event and the MTV playlist was one that I looked at weekly in Billboard. But along came the 90's and MTV got bored with videos because we got bored with videos. All good things end, right? Then they gave us MTV2 and I thought good nothing but videos. But then MTV2 got bored with videos and now has become a reality show channel (but do check out Subterraneium on Sunday nights-before that leaves). Now that I think about it, VH1 got bored with videos, too. But at least they play more music related shows. The last time I watched a video on MTV was during the boy band phase, so no I don't want to sound like an old fart just because I don't fit their demographics. But I tell my kid that MTV was the place to be in its infancy. Now that its grown up, it's like your kid who went to college. You know it will come back, and you'll always love it, but things were never the same once it moved on.
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