Saturday, November 18, 2006

Big Everywhere-But Here

Robbie Williams is the biggest Pop star in the World-other than the United States. I have all his CD's, including a Greatest Hits and a Live album. I've always like him, but even some British critics don't. But Williams can't get arrested here, and his albums don't get released in the States anymore. His latest is Rudebox and it's a vast improvement over 2005's Intensive Care, the first Williams album not to include any Ipod worthy tunes. What you hear about Rudebox is how slapdash the whole thing was put together. It certainly is unlike any other Williams CD- there's 2 good songs by the Pet Shop Boys, a Human League Cover, 2 songs with title "The 80's" and "The 90's", and a bonus track in which Williams rails against all those who hate him. But why should America give a damn about this huge star? If you like your Pop hooks than Williams can deliver. This is his best album since his debut. And outside of the aforementioned Greatest Hits, a good enough reason to buy an import and see what the rest of the world likes about him.
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