Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Buy 'Em Used

Can you believe that record stores are still pricing CD's at $18.98? That's the price I saw for Elizabeth Cook's Balls at Borders. When this CD was first released it was sell-priced at $14.98. That price was equally outrageous. This is 2007. So, why are retailers still gouging consumers. And everyone wonders why no one buys CD's in quantities anymore. You see, this is why people will continue to buy used CD's or burn a copy from a friend or even use LimeWire or whatever to "illegally" download. Who do we blame these high prices on? Is it a Borders or the Record Company that won't budget price a CD by a Country newcomer? Blame goes all around. I can tell you this, I picked up the CD, looked at the price and put it back. I'll buy mine used.
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