Sunday, November 04, 2007

70's Rock Meets 00 Country

Ask a modern day Country singer who there favorite artists are and you'll likely get more responses for 70's era Rock like the Stones, Eagles or Skynyrd then you would George Jones or Tammy Wynette. Little Big Town adds another name to this list: Fleetwood Mac. On their breakthrough they hinted at a love for Mac, but on their followup, A Place To Land, its abundant. It's to their credit that they aren't derivative in their exploitation. The lead track "Fine Line" is Go Your Own Way" done up for the Country charts. "Evangeline" could be Stevie Nicks. Elsewhere I hear Eagles and as Chuck Eddy has pointed out even Sheryl Crow. But it's as a 00 act singing 70's Country-Rock that Little Big Town excel. Years ago my local Country station played CCR song's. They don't anymore, but at the time it didn't faze me. That station sill plays "Sweet Home Alabama" or Jimmy Buffett just to mix things up. But the line between Classic Rock and Modern Country has never been more obvious than today.
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