Saturday, February 09, 2008

It Was 25 Years Ago A Few Months Ago

I can remember when music trade mags were making a big deal out of the fact that Off The Wall had 4 Top 10 singles from one album. The industry wasn't into milking singles before that album. It happened but most album had 2 or 3 singles and then it was on to the next album. But the concept grew bigger after it. And with Thriller everything blew up. 6 Top 10's from one album. By the way although Epic has just released a 25th anniversary of this album, it was first released in Decemember '82. The industry saw bigger sales for an album, and an artist didn't have to rush out a followup if they could keep sending singles up the charts. Thriller was the Star Wars of the music industry. The dawn of the blockbuster. It's 25th anniversary should be celebrated because first and foremost it was a great album. Some people were put off by its grand designs to cross over. They prefer the disco-era Off The Wall. But Thriller glows with picture perfect pop/soul sheen. Compare its sound to the remixes that Fergie, Kanye and others haved added. This year is as good as any to go back and get soaked up in its pop culture moment.
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