Thursday, May 29, 2008

Old Soul vs. New Soul

Who told Usher that he could drop a 72 minute album? I'd say at half that he might've had a good followup to Confessions, but Here I Stand is a rather limp followup. The lead single stiff, the slow songs slow and the lyrics, well the lyrics. I knew I was in trouble when the album started with an Intro, a ploy that went out years ago, but is still being used by today's rapper's and soul singers. Usher is a better singer than Chris Brown or Ne-Yo, but he's been sidetracked here by playing it too safe. Right, we get it, you're 29 and want to grow up. But pack some songs next time.
Al Green's 3rd secular album of this decade gets by on his still elastic voice. Maybe you won't hear any future classics, and the album at times strives too hard to replicate his early 70's stuff, but give Green credit for at least putting forth a strong effort at this late date. One wonders if Usher and Co. will be around in 30 years to do the same.
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