Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Why Not Heart?

Heart have been eligible for the Rock Hall since 1991, but haven't gotten a sniff from the nominating committee. This is surprising, but this is not a post about how the Hall needs to induct more women. Myself, I'd been on the fence about Heart until this year, but am now seeing the light. A new book by Jake Brown , Heart In The Studio (ECW Press) will open your eyes, but its Heart's place in the Rock pantheon that swayed me. There is an influence there. You see it with the young women on American Idol. There best album was their first, but the singles hold up as well. So, why haven't they gotten a look? Probably, because of their 80's singles which aren't "Classic Rock" enough for the Hall's committee. Those singles are now part of the Hair band days of the 80's, a decade the Hall will barely recognize. The 70's singles should be enough to give them an edge. As the next set of nominations come to light, I'll have more posts on bands that just need to get on the ballot for their inevitable induction (Kiss, Alice Cooper). They just need to get past the Neanderthals on the committee. Add Heart to that list.
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