Monday, June 16, 2008

Cold Hard Rules

The rules are simple, and it ticks me off when artists don't want to follow them. You say you wanted to stream the Coldplay album before buying it? If you were lucky to got to their myspace page on June 7 at a certain time ( I can't remember the time) you could listen to it. Or if you lived outside of the U.S. last week you could stream it on their main website. But what a pain in the butt. My rules are simple. I don't care how big an artist you are or think you are. This is 2008 and your new album should be available a week ahead of time for streaming. You say you're worried about illegal downloads and sharing? Well, guess what, I could go on Limewire the day your album comes out and find what I want anyway. Streaming is an effective tool. I've listened to may albums to my liking and bought because of what I've heard. Yes, I was going to buy the Coldplay CD regardless of whether I streamed it or not. But in 2008 bands should give us the option.
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