Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Melisma Tops The Charts

Chris Brown, Ne Yo, Rihanna, all the young black girls on American Idol. Melisma is still running rampant in today's urban market. I only mention this because I finally bought Rihanna's year old Good Girl Gone Bad. But I bought the "reloaded" version with 3 extra tracks. The big hit from the 3, "Take A Bow" is a melisma marked clone of "Irreplaceable". Beyonce herself has dabbled in melisma, but its become less pronounced. Keyshia Cole mostly avoids it. I've got nothing against the songs these people are singing. Most of them are good. But the singing has become so bad that I can't stomach them for more than a few songs at a time. It's too bad that these clones still persist. I believe every thing rolls in cycles. But this has been going on for a few years and I'm starting to wonder.
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