Saturday, September 20, 2008

Gift Of Rock?

When Lindsey Buckingham in 2006 that his next album would be a rock one, fans rejoiced. That year's Under The Skin got under some people's skin alright. If you weren't in the mood for it, its introspection and whispery vocals got to be self-indulgent. So 2008's Gift of Screws meant that Buckingham was gonna Rock out those cobwebs. But it doesn't Oh sure it rocks harder than Under The Skin, but what doesn't. Buckingham believes his solo records should be different than the Mac ones, and that's his right, but beginning with Tusk he began to test his audiences love for how much they wanted him to venture. By no means is Gift of Screws a dud. Buckingham is too much the pop craftsmen, but it's no Rock album, and it appears Buckingham doesn't seem to be interested in that genre anymore.
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