Saturday, November 22, 2008

Beyonce Grows Up

On her 3rd solo album, the strangely titled I Am Sascha Fierce, Beyonce wants to grow up. There's a ballad side and an uptempo side with the ballad side winning in a split decision. It's on these songs that she sounds more comfortable. Although she hasn't even reached age 30, the uptempo stuff seems to be boring her. Overall, the album would have been better served the old-fashioned way by mixing everything up. Beyonce is growing more mature, and the trick will be bringing the audience that grew up on her Bootylicious beats along with her. The ballads show she can, but I don't hear a definitive song on this album. Maybe "Ave Maria", which is not the standard. She needs an "Unbreak My Heart" and then she won't have to shake it much longer.
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