Thursday, April 09, 2009

VH1 Tries To Trick Us Again

Oh, those crazy folks at VH1. Another list show. This time One Hit Wonders of the 80's. And like there other one on the all-time One Hit Wonders there are sloppy mistakes by their crack staff. Or are they mistakes? It appears VH1 thinks that a majority of their listeners who listened to radio in the 80's have short memories. And not many of them have a copy of a Joel Whitburn Billboard chart book. But I remember listening to the radio and watching videos in the 80's.
Take a look at these names that VH1 says are One-Hit wonders: Robbie Dupree, Outfield, John Parr, Eddy Grant, Robbie Nevil and even Eddie Murphy. Guess what? They all charted other songs inside the Top 30. And what to make of them including Neneh Cherry, Will To Power and Martika. All had another Top 10 single.
Maybe VH1 thinks that if the followup singles aren't getting played on radio today, that they can be considered one hit wonders. But with satellite and Internet radio someone is playing these followups.
Nice try VH1, but some of us do remember the 80's better than you think we do.
You can see the whole list here.
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