Thursday, May 14, 2009

Going GaGa

I'm no snob to what's charting on the Billboard Hot 100, and thanks to Sirius's Hits channel, I can get caught up easily. So it was with Lady Gaga, who's performance on American Idol was a rare highlight for a show, other than Adam Lambert.
Her 2 singles off the album are 2 of the best of 2009. So, I splurged for the album and while it held up, I also ran into the same problems with it that I have with most of today's Pop albums. Too long and not very original.
It also got me thinking that we get these types of albums every couple of years. Remember albums by the Pussycat Dolls or the 90's C&C Music Factory? Hit singles carried them, but the albums were pretty good. Same with Lady Gaga. I doubt she'll still be around in 10 years. She'll need more moments like the AI performance to get over the stigma of being a dance singles queen.
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