Tuesday, June 23, 2009

CMT's MTV Show

Watching the CMT awards last week with my son I realize that my usual cries of "that ain't Country" just don't cut it anymore. I'm usually saying that every time a Country awards show comes on. The audience that CMT is gunning for today are the Taylor Swift fans. The ones who've grown up on a steady mix of their local Country station playing the Poppish stuff. Hardcore Country is for the old folks. CMT itself has changed. Shuffling their videos to early morning or early afternoon, their evening fare looks like something from MTV. GAC is still holding fort on its all Country format, but it's not in as many homes as CMT. No, the CMT awards show reminds of the ones that MTV still does: a nod to the past when these channels were the only place to get your music television fix. But in reality both channels have moved on.
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