Saturday, August 15, 2009


Was it the movie, the Soundtrack or the festival? What was it about Woodstock that still stands out 40 years later? The most logical response I've heard is that Woodstock was the end of an era. Peace and love hit the road after the festival. By the 70's the crowd's that attended Woodstock got older, married, had children and were no longer interested in revolution.
Good enough, but the movie also helped many think that the festival was a monumental success. By all accounts, from what I've read, the festival was kind of a bore. But because of the film's imagery: Hendrix "Star Spangled Banner", Cocker, Ten Years After, Santana, Joplin, Sly gettin' higher we are led to believe that it was the greatest festival ever. I've always had a soft spot for the Monterey Pop Festival.
I listened to all 5 of Sony's Woodstock reissues: Joplin, Sly, Airplane, Santana, J. Winter. I've also heard Hendrix' entire set. The music, and the ones that have already been released are good, but in the end Woodstock is remembered as an event. Those that were against "the Man" back then never would have guessed how commercialized it would become 40 years later.
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