Sunday, September 20, 2009

Beatle Watch

I was all ready to post a Playlist with 14 Beatle titles. But nowhere around here could I find a Stereo Box set. So, I'm now on Amazon's wait list. Unless I find it for near the same price at a Best Buy. I don't have many choices to shop. Target didn't carry the box. Borders is a joke on their prices. And there are a handful of Indy shops that I haven't been to in years, because of limited selection and high prices. At Best Buy, I could have bought all 14 titles for just under 200 bucks. But Amazon is 25 dollars cheaper. So, that's where I'm going. I'm in big rush to purchase these titles. I figure by Halloween you'll be tripping over all these Beatle discs in your favorite store. This time the hype to buy now and pay more didn't get me.
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