Friday, October 23, 2009

Call It A Comeback

The latest singer to come out of "retirement" is Garth Brooks, who plans on hanging out in Vegas and doing weekly shows. I stress the word "retirement" because Brooks never did retire. In 2000 he said he would, saying he wanted to watch his children grow. But in the last 9 years he kept doing what he did before 2000. Except make an album or do long tours. In 2007 he played some shows. He also recorded some new songs for a Greatest Hits album. He popped up on TV specials.
But musicians are like boxers. They say they will but never do retire. Eminem and Jay-Z retired. Unfortunately Eminem didn't keep his word. Tina Turner retired. Then did a world tour. In the 70's Frank Sinatra retired for a couple of years. The R word is an easy excuse for musicians to slink away for a year or two, then make a dramatic return.
Brooks is just the latest example of stars who miss all the adulation that comes with being a celebrity. They also miss the money. I don't know Brooks' financial situation, but I'm guessing he's not making as much money as he did when he stopped in 2000. The same with all these rappers.
So, money plus ego equals a comeback. Let the adulation begin again.
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