Friday, October 16, 2009

If Abba, then....

If Abba gets in the Rock Hall, will that open the door for other "Pop" oriented artists like Hall & Oates or Neil Diamond? The last may be a long shot. Listen to this WNYC - Soundcheck: Smackdown, which has a Rock Hall voter on it talking about the "elitist" Nominating Committee keeping Diamond out. He's right, we all know that.
But if Abba can get in this year, I think other acts like them have a better chance. Now don't get me wrong, we won't see the Carpenters get nominated. It has to be an act that either critics like or have had some musical longevity that the snobs at the Hall can't avoid. That's what happened this year with Kiss (a non-Pop act, I know), but now is happening with Abba. So, let's root for them.
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