Saturday, October 10, 2009

Getting Older All The Time

One of the first things a 62 year old Rock friend of mine does when he gets his Rolling Stone is look at the obituary section. And then he goes to his local paper and looks at birthday's. His Rock and Roll peers are getting older-just like him. Some are dying at ages younger than him. While others are creeping towards 70.
This is happening to me also. I see people who were young stars now nearing or going over the 50 mark. Springsteen is 60. He's on the cover of AARP for heaven's sake. But that's what aging in a Rock world does. We still have younger pictures of these people in our minds. And now that they are getting older. Recording less, but touring more, we lose interest in their new stuff. I'm still interested, but a lot of others have tuned them out. U2's latest album has crept past a million in the U.S. But you'd think that all the hype and a big tour would've have pushed it there already. Their fan base is also nearing 50, just like them, and they don't buy as many records as they used to. Just give them the hits and they'll be happy.
But I'm sticking with my favorites, as I get older and as they do.
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