Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Miranda Lambert Wants Airplay

Who needs Country airplay? Miranda Lambert wants it, but doesn't get it. Her highest charted Country single went to #7, "Gunpowder & Lead", none of her others went Top 10. Yet, she's critically acclaimed. And both of her albums went Platinum. But she wants more. Hell, when your Columbia you need to sell. The label pulls you one way, while you try to stick with your principals. This is where Miranda is at album #3, which came out last week, Revolution.
She sticks to her tough girl with a slightly tender soul routine. But it's all about songs. It always is with Country albums. Most are singles plus filler. A formula that has always dogged Country albums. Garth changed a lot of that. He saw the album as an entire listening experience. The latest generation of Country singers have tried to get their albums to reach beyond the 3 singles that will most likely be released from it.
Lambert is smart. She writes great songs, but here she also picks out good ones from John Prine, Julie Miller and Fred Eaglesmith. All excellent writers. So, like her previous album, I'm pleasantly surprised that her struggle to get airplay and be a relevant album artist have resulted in another prime album.
I fear she'll be struggling for a long time, as long as she's on a major label, for sure. But if the results continue like this, than I say let her fight it out for years and years.
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