Sunday, October 11, 2009

Rooting For Anvil the Movie...but

Is it possible to enjoy a documentary but not enjoy the bands music. It's definitely possible to enjoy a doc, but not its subject. So, I've answered my own question. The Story of Anvil is a great doc, but the bands music still didn't make me want to put them on top of Metal's Rushmore. I had the same problem with Metallica's film. I don't care for their music, but found the rest fascinating. The 2 guys in Anvil you root for. Metallica you don't. There's no ego in Anvil. Metallica? But back to the music. Anvil is of its era. Even the newer album sounds like 1981. That's good for its longtime fans and fans of metal. I do like some of that stuff, but find most of it passable. But I hope Anvil get almost as rich as Metallica off of this film. Metal survivors worth cheering on. That's what makes a good doc.
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