Sunday, June 06, 2010

Petty Upstaged

Who told Tom Petty that a crowd clamoring to hear just hits and nothing but hits wanted to sit through 5 !!! new songs in a row. These songs were just okay, nothing more. But unlike the hits they have yet to find a place in a fan's brain. Halfway through Petty's pretty much sold out show in Oakland that's what happened. I've been to concerts where someone will play a couple of songs, usually spaced out in the show. But 5 in a row? Up to that point, which occurred midway, Petty had the crowd on its feet. This was an arena filled with fans who wanted to singalong. What this new stuff did was get people streaming for the toilets or beer stand. And besides, Petty didn't sing all his big hits. No "The Waiting" or "Don't Do Me Like That", which are 2 of my favorites.
Better than Petty was opener Joe Cocker, who barrelled his way through an hour and 15 minute set of his best hits and a cover of "Come Together". No brand new songs for him. I hope Petty cleans up this mistake. He's got the catalog, now just stick with it.
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