Wednesday, September 14, 2011

2012 Rock Hall Predictions

Now that the NomCom has met to pick their 2012 Rock Hall  nominees, its prediction time.  I'm usually better at predicting who will get inducted than who will get nominated.
But I'll give it a try.  I'm picking 15 names, and in no order.  Only one first time eligible is a shoo-in this year, Guns 'N Roses.   Reminder this isn't who I want to get nominated, but who the NomCom will nominate. I'm also picking a ton of repeats from last year.

Guns 'N Roses
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Donna Summer
Deep Purple
LL Cool J
Bon Jovi
Joe Tex
Gram Parsons
"5" Royales
Joe Cocker
Joan Baez
Red Hot Chili Peppers

Among the names I debated the most that aren't here:   Donovan, Beastie Boys, Johnny Burnette,  KISS, Randy Newman, J. Geils Band, Willie Nelson, Sonic Youth, Roxy Music, Laura Nyro, Chuck Willis, Neville Brothers, Eurythmics, Cat Stevens, Sting, War.   Would not be surprised to see some of these on the NomCom's ballot.

Just not enough slots to get them all in.  Every year I have a weird feeling the NomCom's are going to throw in an odd name I've forgotten about (last year was Donovan and Dr. John).

Funny how all the NomCom members are so tight-lipped about the whole nominating process.  Even when the nominees are announced, the Rock Hall must have made them sign some sort of secrecy clause, because you can't get these people to open up about what went down in the annual meeting.  Only former members will speak up.  But tracking them down is a pain.
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