Friday, October 14, 2011

Predicting the 2012 Rock Hall Inductees

This is who I'm predicting will be inducted, not who I want.
15 nominees and I'll assume they are sticking with their 5 only policy.  But just in case, I'll throw in  3 wildcards.

1.  Donovan  (for some reason, I think he came close last year)

2.  Guns N' Roses  (should be this year's sure shot)

3.  Heart (by now considered a long-running institution from the days of Classic AOR)

4.  Red Hot Chili Peppers  (A new album means high profile.  This may or may not help.  But this is their best chance of induction they might have)

5.  Small Faces/Faces  (Rod's name recognition may be enough, but I wonder if many voters know any other Small Faces song besides "Itchycoo Park")

Wild Cards:

Spinners (Right, I hope I'm wrong about this.  But I'm just not feeling a first ballot induction.  Even the O'Jays were passed over their first time. Again,  I hope I'm wrong)

Donna Summer (The anti-Disco voters have done a good job keeping her and Chic out.  But I'm betting she's picking up votes every year)

Freddie King  ( If a lot of current Hall of Famers who were influenced by him and grew up with his music  (Eric Clapton to name one) turn in a ballot with his name on it, he could sneak in)
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