Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Dave Marsh on the Spinners

 I emailed Dave Marsh and asked him to do all he can to get the Spinners some votes this year.  Marsh has a radio show on Sirius.  And besides, I thought Marsh, who is a fan of 70's R&B, might have had a hand in getting them on this year's ballot.  His response was surprising:

"I'm on the Nominating Committee and of coruse a huge fan. But you know who
put the name up for the ballot? Cliff Burnstein, manager of Metallica and
Red Hot Chili Peppers. Big league music industry guy with bigger ears. "

Now Marsh can be a prickly guy, so I didn't want to press my luck and email him again to ask if Burnstein is on the NomCom or may have been just sitting in this year, or what he was doing there.  But there his name is.  Let the sleuthing begin.  

One interesting tidbit.  Burnstein used to manage Rush before he became Metallica's manager.  And he was an A&R guy on Mercury while Rush were on that label.  He was also featured in that Rush Doc that came out a couple of years ago.  I mean,  if there's an ex-Rush manager on the committee, you would think he could get them nominated.   
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