Monday, October 10, 2011

Nevermind at 20

I knew it was something special the minute I saw the video.  Yes, that's right kids, a video.  When I first heard "Smells Like Teen Spirit" it had that immediacy that all big hits have the first time it hits you.  Back then MTV could make a hit and they played it continually.  
Once the single, then the album.  It was getting great reviews.  I bought it from the single.  Hadn't heard anything else.  No internet back then.  You could go to stores and preview stuff, but unless you took your chances you didn't know what you have.
It was an instant classic.  But it was more tuneful than I thought it would be.  Kurt Cobain had that in him.  It showed up on the followup and on the Unplugged segment.  
Nirvana would have had a varied catalog. As is, it's short.  Their the Grunge caretakers.  But Nevermind's Poppy moments made me think they could have shed that moniker at anytime.  
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