Saturday, June 23, 2012

Good Timin'

All this Beach Boys nostalgia centered around their 50th Anniversary reunion and I'm starting to see more articles on what are their best songs and albums.

But I've yet to see anyone mention the name of one of my favorite unsung Beach Boys songs.  1979's "Good Timin'", which peaked on Billboard at good old #40 in 1979.  The album it came from, L.A. (Light Album), was forgettable, and this wasn't even the first single ( a disco remake of "Here Comes The Night" was), but this is one of their best singles of the 70's.  It was written years before, but the band found it when recording the album.  It's good. Give it a listen at the link below:

2 good recent articles I've read.  The first by Goldmine's Phill Marder looks album tracks that should have been hit singles:

The other by John Soeder is a straight 50 best songs:  (BTW- Soeder told me "Good Timin'" was #51 on his long list.
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