Thursday, August 16, 2012

Elvis On Tour

On the 35th Anniversary of his death, I re-watched (for the millionth time) the 1972 tour-documentary Elvis on Tour.  This is a somewhat bittersweet film.  Elvis still looks good, the voice is still strong, but not as strong as it was on the 1970 tour-doc, That's the Way It Is, and yet there are warning signs.
The Memphis Mafia is in full bloom, there are times Elvis looks out of it, but not as bad as he would later on.    This is the same year he went to "visit" Richard Nixon at the White House. The setlist is becoming less Rock and more Gospel/Pop/Country.  He seems less interested in anything Rock and Roll.  When he debuts "Burning Love" in concert he blows through it with force but with an odd reluctance that he never would have on his '68 Special.

But the movie serves its purpose despite the coming darkness.  The best parts are the spoken word reminisces from Elvis on his early days, stuff he rarely talked about post-Army.  And for those wondering what life was like in the Elvis bubble,  before the decline, you get non-stop touring, bad jokes, hanger-on's, tons of jump suits, and exceptional rehearsals of Gospel songs, then this remains a fascinating document even for an Elvis newbie.
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