Sunday, August 05, 2012

Rory Gallagher

A friend of mine gave me a bunch of Rory Gallagher CD's to listen too.  He's a guitarist and was always intrigued by him, so he downloaded some of his catalog, and burned some CD's for me.
I only had one live album by Gallagher, although I've heard some collections that are out there.  Those never satisfied me, but his non-comp albums I've just heard were good.  All 70's stuff.  Can't say he recorded a classic album though.
And he's a better guitarist than singer.  His voice sounds too similar to Eric Clapton's.

Gallagher is placed at a very respectable #57 in Rolling Stone's most recent 100 Greatest Guitarists, and he has a cult.  Now you're going to ask about the Hall of Fame.  Don't think he'll make it and if he ever did if will be way down the road, but that high ranking in Rolling Stone shouldn't be discounted.    Among white Blues Guitarists I expect Stevie Ray and Johnny Winter to go next.
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