Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Randy Travis

I don't doubt that Randy Travis is a rich man.  But career wise?  Travis is only 53 years old.  But Country music has never been kind, chart-wise, to its elders.  George Strait and Reba have been able to continue to chart.
But Travis hasn't had a Top 40 Country hit, on his own  since  2002.  And has mostly recorded a bunch of Gospel albums.
And now, with his 2nd DUI bust, and the one on August 7th the most reported, he's battling personal demons.
Is it brought on by his chart decline? Or by lawsuits with his ex-wife?  I think Travis still does well on the concert circuit.
His last album was one of those all-star duet things.  It was okay, and Travis is in good voice.  But it never caught fire the way I thought it would.
But here's the deal.  Randy Travis was one of the great Country artists of the 80's and mid-90's.  Especially vocally. Easily in my Top tier of artists from that genre. I still jump at the chance to hear what he's doing, even if he no longer puts out much Country stuff.
But the guy has got some demons in his closet. There's a great Country album in all this.  Maybe Randy Travis will find it when he cleans himself up.
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