Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Music Genius

Someone at Robert Christgau's Review blog Expert Witness tried to get a comments section going on the 10 Greatest Geniuses in Music History.  All genres included.  I almost took the bait,and then bailed because I couldn't stop at 10 and because I had trouble defining a genius.
Okay, Brian Wilson and Stevie Wonder. But is McCartney/Lennon?  Probably.  What about a Country giant like Hank Williams Sr?  Or are these types just great at what they did?  And why don't I have any Women on my rough draft?

Here's just a partial list of names, Jazz and some Classical artists, that I came up with.  It was only a rough draft:

Brian Wilson
Stevie Wonder
Ray Charles
John Coltrane
Miles Davis
Charlie Parker
Louis Armstrong
Marvin Gaye
Sly Stone
Hank Williams Sr.
Phil Spector
Jimi Hendrix
Cole Porter
George Gershwin

etc., etc.......

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