Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Politics and Music

Anyone who is a Facebook friend of mine knows where my Politics are.  And while I rarely post on Facebook, Twitter or here about politics, I do "like" a bunch of stuff on Facebook, and sometimes I just can't help but drop a line or two about the state of the world.

I know that just mentioning politics can cause harm amongst family and friends, which is why I try to hold back when doing so, both here, on Twitter and Facebook.

This is another contentious election season, and my vote is already secure for a certain candidate.  I hope no one gets upset if they see anything too political before Election day.

Let me just say that I like plenty of artists that aren't on my side politically, and no I'm not talking about only Country acts.   These Presidential election years are the only time I get frustrated when someone I like isn't on my side, but once its over, everyone seems to move on.

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