Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Streaming Update

Been going back and forth with 2 streaming sites.  Spotify (which is Free with commercials, and Rhapsody (which I pay).  Both have pretty much the same content, just a few exceptions.

But if you haven't subscribed to any streaming site, and you listen to a lot of music like me, than I have to recommend you step into the 21st Century.

These sites have helped me skip a bunch of albums I might have wasted money on, and they've also helped me decide to purchase stuff I was on the fence about.

Now I'm still a physical copy person when it comes to music I buy.  The exception is one-off singles which I buy from Itunes.

And while we keep hearing about the death of CD's and the continuing dominance of digital, I'll go down fighting for the physical over the cloud.

I must say though, that if you are looking for certain albums that are out of print on CD, they are probably on Itunes.  I've had to break down and buy some digital downloads of albums that I don't believe will ever be out on CD.  But I still like the original artwork of a good old fashioned record co. cd.
Like I said, I'm going to hold out as long as the format allows it.
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