Sunday, September 09, 2012

Roxy Music and the Rock Hall

The above link is for a documentary that came out in 2010 about Roxy Music.  It's from BBC and is an hour long.  And it's very good.  And why have I not seen it until today?  Have to give Bob Lefsetz credit for putting the link on his Twitter feed.

Every Rock Hall NomCom member should be given a copy of it and then tell us why Roxy Music has never been nominated.
But there is a small clue halfway through the film.  When someone says that one of the reasons Roxy was never as popular in America as they were in Europe is that they didn't get Airplay on U.S. radio.  Could it be  that the same fate that keeps Roxy out of the Hall, is the same one that may also doom the Smiths?

But influence should rule.  As should fab music.  Watch this doc and see Roxy's influence on New Wave, Punks and even Disco artists.

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